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  • Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

    Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

    Social Change - New Era feat. DJ Sum-1

    Social Change - New Era ft DJ Sum1

    New Era, the latest drop from Social Change is an absolute banger. This track is simultaneously taking us back and moving forward. A true B-Boy anthem, you can easily imagine the breakers getting down to this one on the sidewalk with cardboard.
    The heavy groove from Funkwig carries the whole track. A few well-chosen samples over an extremely dusty funk drum break makes this track impossible to keep the neck steady.
    Social Change delivers his signature finesse and lyricism over it, effortlessly flowing over the bars. Controlled demolition of the instrumental, the sincerity of his delivery, conviction and tone is reminiscent of old school Rakim. The type of rapping that you could mindlessly party to, or break down elements and bug out on the emceeing.
    DJ Sum1 adds the hot sauce to the track, instead of having a cut section, he juggles McFadden & Whitehead's - Ain't No Stopping Us Now, back and forth, which is hugely refreshing change. The skilled veteran DJ tearing up the wheels just adds the perfect element to tie the whole theme and song together.

    In an age where a lot of artists are trying to compete with and emulate the "new" sounds, like trap and mumble rap, this is a revival of the true school, essentially a new golden era. Taking it back and moving ten steps ahead.

    Go and rinse it!

    Words By Lani Milbus

  • New Music! Social Change - 100

    Australian Hiphop, Ozhiphop, Hiphop, Social Change

    Social Change gets it started back up with their new track ‘100’. Produced by Funkwig with cuts by DJ Snair, the Hip Hop supreme team pick up where they left off delivering a hard funk driven beat topped off with sharp lyrics and scratches.

    ‘100’ serves somewhat as a reintroduction for Social Change who last released music on the 2010 Butterthief Phat Tape. Since then Social Change has collaborated on tracks with Dialect, Matchless Gift, Ben Iota (Bornski), Chris Bass, Joseph Duigan and Everyday, and has spent the past few years building the Butterthief label, joining in on various tours with the likes of Levelheaded, Dialect, Pang Productions & Crate Cartel, and preparing a slew of music set to follow this release.

  • New Music! Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests

    Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests Available Now For Purchase

    Taylor Made Tactix Taylor Made Tactix

    Straight out the slimys of Morphett Vale, SA, local hip hop outfit Taylor Made Tactix have gate crashed the party with their long awaited debut album ‘Uninvited Guests’, and as the title suggests the group have arrived unannounced but they are here to stay... and you might just like them.

    Taylor Made Tactix is MCs Mesha, Mnops and Senca who have joined forces with DJ Snair (Social Change, Cross Bred Mongrels, Battlehoggs) to deliver a powerful account of their time spent forging forward in the music scene. Perserverance has been key in delivering an honest contribution to Hip Hop and a gritty documentation of the last five years of their lives.

    After building a strong following via the release of their demo and a heap of live shows around Adelaide, the TMT crew have released a rock solid debut effort that has all the bases covered from hookless singles (Hometown) and raw battle tracks (Crazy Thoughts) to chilled out tunes that would suit your sunday sessions (This Is Living feat Joy Sparks). ‘Uninvited Guests’ is a reflection of Taylor Made Tactix both individually and collectively and it speaks of the journey underground artists go thru to have their music heard - that to get anywhere sometimes you’ve gotta show up uninvited and make your presence known.

    The album itself is handled entirely by Taylor Made Tactix with Mesha producing all but two tracks of which DJ Snair holds down the production. Snair also slices it up on the turntables all over the project as one would expect and Funkwig (Social Change / F&d) adds his signature basslines. The result is a raw yet well crafted sound scape that serves as the perfect backdrop for the three talented wordsmiths to deliver rich content with technical precision.

    ‘Uninvited Guests’ is a diverse kick kick snare interpretation of life from the perspectives of 3 MCs and 1 DJ, and with mixing by K21 and mastering by Neville Clark it is also sonically on point. If you enjoy sample based, deep Hip Hop, you’re all invited as Uninvited Guests.

    Uninvited Guests is available now for purchase in our store via the link below.


  • New Music! Fat Pockets - Butterthief Phat Tape

    New Music! Fat Pockets - Butterthief Phat Tape Available Now For Purchase

    Fat Pockets Phat Tape Fat Pockets - Phat Tape

    Funkwig and DJ Snair team up as Fat Pockets and deliver the “Butterthief Phat Tape”

    The “Phat Tape” is a 24 minute CD, featuring all original production by Funkwig and cuts by DJ Snair with new exclusive music by Social Change, Dialect, K21, Crossbred Mongrels & Chris Bass plus special guests 2Biz and Mesha.

    Starting out like a dusty beat tape packed with vocal samples, the Phat Tape winds it’s way thru various instrumentals and skits until reaching track 5 “Da Ultimate” on which Dialect and Social Change both bless the mic. This is followed by another collaboration “Flava” with K21 and Social Change sharing the funky beat, both tracks featuring straight lyricism, no hooks and songs here.

    Then the Phat Tape finally arrives at a new exclusive full length Social Change song in “Step” on which Social Change flips lyrics like “Coming correct with this / Microphone Checking this / Specialists / Effective at making it look Effortless.”

    “Step” is followed by a quick word from 2Biz of the almighty Crackhouse family (Mindfield, Sukatash, Common Cause) before heading into an exclusive “Crossbred Mongrels” track produced by Chris Bass with cuts by DJ Snair. This track was left off the recent Crossbred album but with Chris Bass smashing the beat and Snair going crazy on the cuts, it finds it’s home perfectly on the Phat Tape.

    After a quick shout out from Mesha and DJ Snair from Taylor Made Tactix the Phat Tape finishes up with another exclusive full length Social Change track “Forever”.

    The Phat Tape CD pressing also includes bonus Social Change track “REAL”.

    Available now in our store via the link below.


    Butterthief Butterthief
  • New Music! Social Change - V.High.E.P

    Social Change - V.High.E.P


    Social Change V.High.E.P Social Change V.High.E.P

    Adelaide underground Hip Hop favourite Social Change releases official debut EP “V.High.E.P”.

    This next-level release is an introduction to the Social Change sound, which features production by beat heavyweights Funkwig and One Above as well as cuts by Australia’s finest turntable veteran DJ Snair.

    Social Change takes the stage with a mic, MPC and two turntables, or a complete live band. Having performed for years, sharing stages with various fellow Australian artists and numerous international acts, Social Change has crafted an E.P that leaves you wanting more.

    Social Change has previously featured on the critically acclaimed F&d (Funkwig & deNorthwode) album “Worship the Grit” released late 2005 through Crookneck, as well as their own self titled EP with The Expressionist in 1998.

    “V.High.E.P” is the first release from Adelaide based production and recording label Butterthief.

    Butterthief Butterthief

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