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  • Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)

    Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops) Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)

    Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)


    'Comin’ Up' Fast sees two of the biggest Adelaide heavyweight rhymers come together to show people what is f%$#-ing up, down in South Oz.

    Arguably the two most slept on artists in Australia, Social Change & Mnops together is a deadly amalgamation of wordplay, delivery and distinct voices cutting through over a Funkwig banger, (who is also disputably one of Australia’s premium and slept on producers.)

    The track starts with the slamming vintage production, with Ice Cube’s classic sample “Comin Up Fast” taken from his classic song “Colour Blind” from his album “Death Certificate,” setting up the track and building anticipation for the verses to drop, with a few other samples I’m not familiar with (although one sounds suspiciously like it came from a Superman record haha.)

    Social Change comes in with his trademark authoritative style, voice and flow. Razor sharp lyrics, he addresses being in the shadows and sharpening his sword for many years, starving hunger and “comin’ up” which in my opinion, he is overdue for his “come-uppance.” His voice cuts through with such a fresh Aussie tone, and his breath control on this is gargantuan. Flow is always on point with SC but on this one he condemns every word so you can feel the pulse of every single syllable, like a swinging katana blade striking with every word.
    Mnops comes in with his signature fast paced, multi-syllable style and presents his 4th to 7th bars with some creative deliberate stutters which sound doper than hash butter. Using dirty imagery, braggadocio wordplay and similes – “I’m a fucking eagle, you’re a maggot on a flesh piece” and funny lines like “Emcee’s are looking lost, DJ Khaled on a jet ski,” this verse is entertaining, creative and sonically enjoyable from flow to lyrics and delivery.

    All sound effects, mixing/ mastering are all achieved handsomely, using scarcity mixed with tasteful placement and selection of all elements, this track is a certified, head-nodding, true school boom bap classic.

    I’m looking forward to Social Change’s highly anticipated album/s, and Mnops’ follow up to his April Fools mixtape titled “Jokes On You,” and I’m not the only one that should be either!

    Listen to Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops) Below!


    Words By Lani Milbus

  • New Music! Kimence - One View

    Kimence - One View. Available Now For Purchase

    Kimence One View Kimence One View

    ‘One View’ is the debut solo album by Adelaide MC Kimence featuring guest appearances by K21, Simplex, Alerts, Psycho Les, Raph.A.L, Mnops, Monsta Gunjah, Tana Kingi and Jayde Lowther with production by Suffa, Simplex, Trials, Psycho Les, Admin and More.


    Kimence has been writing for most of her life. As a young person, writing poetry aided her to rationalize and evolve through troubled times. Since then, Kimence’s relationship with the pen has not only become rewarding, but empowering.

     Testament to Kimence’s knack for networking, One View includes production mastery from some of our country’s best. Including Simplex of Terra Firma, Suffa from Hilltop Hoods, Trials of Funkoars, Admin, Psycho Les of NYC group The Beatnuts. Among the hand-picked vocal contributors are K21, Simplex, Alerts, Psycho Les, Raph A.L., Mnops, Monsta Ganjah, Tana Kingi & Jayde Lowther.

     Title track, ‘One View’ sees Kimence team up with long-time collaborators Simplex and Alerts for a fast paced exchange. Bold horn loops, crashing symbols, and sparkling piano lines together with premium scratching make ’One View’ one of the most hard hitting tracks on the album.

     Retrospective track ‘The Quest’ is set around Kim’s struggles during the making of her album, and the journey of “a female trying to make it in a man’s world”. The haunting Simplex production is driven by heavy beats, and minor guitar loops, emphasizing the stoicism of Kimence’s words. Showing her thematic versatility ‘Hooked Baby’ is a comical number characterized by 70’s guitar loops. The beat, supplied by Admin, came with the key sample which motivated the track’s gold digger theme.

     A big advocate for her local scene, Kimence’s reverence for hip hop music and its positive impact on the community is what drives her. Being a female emcee is widely regarded as a tough gig, but Kimence has earned, and continues to earn the support of industry heavyweights with her tenacity and conviction.

     “I would love to not only see my music enjoyed by others, but to see this album inspire other females who have a passion for Hip Hop to step up and make it happen.” - Kimence

    One View is available now for purchase here.

    Butterthief Butterthief
  • New Music! Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests

    Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests Available Now For Purchase

    Taylor Made Tactix Taylor Made Tactix

    Straight out the slimys of Morphett Vale, SA, local hip hop outfit Taylor Made Tactix have gate crashed the party with their long awaited debut album ‘Uninvited Guests’, and as the title suggests the group have arrived unannounced but they are here to stay... and you might just like them.

    Taylor Made Tactix is MCs Mesha, Mnops and Senca who have joined forces with DJ Snair (Social Change, Cross Bred Mongrels, Battlehoggs) to deliver a powerful account of their time spent forging forward in the music scene. Perserverance has been key in delivering an honest contribution to Hip Hop and a gritty documentation of the last five years of their lives.

    After building a strong following via the release of their demo and a heap of live shows around Adelaide, the TMT crew have released a rock solid debut effort that has all the bases covered from hookless singles (Hometown) and raw battle tracks (Crazy Thoughts) to chilled out tunes that would suit your sunday sessions (This Is Living feat Joy Sparks). ‘Uninvited Guests’ is a reflection of Taylor Made Tactix both individually and collectively and it speaks of the journey underground artists go thru to have their music heard - that to get anywhere sometimes you’ve gotta show up uninvited and make your presence known.

    The album itself is handled entirely by Taylor Made Tactix with Mesha producing all but two tracks of which DJ Snair holds down the production. Snair also slices it up on the turntables all over the project as one would expect and Funkwig (Social Change / F&d) adds his signature basslines. The result is a raw yet well crafted sound scape that serves as the perfect backdrop for the three talented wordsmiths to deliver rich content with technical precision.

    ‘Uninvited Guests’ is a diverse kick kick snare interpretation of life from the perspectives of 3 MCs and 1 DJ, and with mixing by K21 and mastering by Neville Clark it is also sonically on point. If you enjoy sample based, deep Hip Hop, you’re all invited as Uninvited Guests.

    Uninvited Guests is available now for purchase in our store via the link below.



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