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  • Video Premier: Otherside Bring The Funk With "Mold" The Smokestack Cypher #1

    Otherside Release The Live Version Of "Mold" Taken From The Brand New EP "Slug"

    Otherside Mold - Smokestack Cypher #1 - Live Recording

    Otherside - "Mold" Smokestack Cyphers #1


    This live version of 'Mold' taken from Otherside's new EP 'Slug' is the first part of a 2 part Smokestack Cyphers series. The video was filmed by the acclaimed photographer Adam Scarf in the shadow of the iconic Carrington hotel smokestack that has towered over Katoomba for over 100 years.

    Otherside have become renown for their live video renditions of tracks and it seems fitting as live performance is extremely important for the four-piece Blue Mountains crew. In an unusual approach the crew perform with no pre-sequenced backing tracks, instead the entire musical arrangement is tapped out live on the MPC sampler and complimented by DJ Platterpush's rawkus turntablism. Perhaps an even less orthodox approach is that this same methodology is also applied to their recording process, with Caustic Yoda the groups producer recording the music from beginning to end in one pass with no sequencing or quantization. This gives the music that human feel of imperfection that is so rare in the world of overproduced soulless contemporary music. 

    Lyrically Wiseguy and Hammy exchange braggadocio bars and take shots at the absurd approach taken by many of their musical contemporaries. 

    Otherside are currently part-way through their east-coast tour with only their Sydney launch at the Hideaway bar in Newtown on Saturday 14th of April and their hometown gig at the Roxy/ Gearins Hotel in Katoomba on the 27th of April left on the slug trail.

    The crew are eager to head back into the studio and begin work on their next project, with some exciting developments already in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for these fellas as this is not the last you will hear of Otherside by a long shot.

    Watch Otherside 'Mold' The Smokestack Cypher #1 Below!


    Keep up to date with the boys here.

  • Gig News: Cracking Eggs Christmas Party

    Crackin' Eggs Christmas Party 2017

    Cracking Eggs Christmas Party!


    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Chrissy Eggletts!!

    This December 17th we are gonna be giving out presents a little early! Come dressed up for your chance to a win our Christmas prize pack!!!

    Crackin Eggs - 
    Sydney’s longest running and most loved Hip Hop Open Mic Night Crackin' Eggs is back, now on Sunday's! 

    For those who missed it, Crackin' Eggs was THE spot for no frills, super gravy, all inclusive Hip Hop for the most part of 2015/16. With MPC Maestro Mumbles on the booms & baps and The Keggles Emcee holding down the hosting duties, Crackin’ Egg's is where you wanna be if you wanna spit bars or boogie down. 

    Live Perfomances TBA

    $5 Entry 
    Live Band
    Cheap Drinks
    Open Mic Cypher

    @ The Hideaway Bar, 156 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

  • Akai's MPC 2.0 Has Officially Been Released!

    MPC 2.0

    Akai's MPC 2.0 Has Officially Been Released!


    After an extensive beta testing period, Akai are pleased to announce MPC 2.0 desktop version is now available for X, Live, Touch, Studio Black, Renaissance, Studio Silver, Element and MPK2 Series owners. Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for this to drop.
    MPC 2.0 represents a huge leap forward in the beat-production software category with many workflow enhancements and new features, including:

    • Audio track recording
    • Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting
    • Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop
    • Redesigned user interface
    • Ableton Link support
    • 64-bit audio
    • Bluetooth 4.0 MIDI support
    • Advanced signal routing capability – submixes FX returns, multi-output support
    • Reimagined mixer layout
    • Enhanced Q-Link control
    • Many more workflow enhancements



    The upgrade paths for all current MPC owners are as follows:
    MPC Live: FREE
    MPC Touch: FREE
    MPC Studio Black: FREE if registered after January 1, 2017/ $99.99 if registered before
    MPC Renaissance: $99.99 USD
    MPC Studio: $99.99 USD
    MPC Element: $149.99 USD
    MPK2 Series: $149.99 USD

    Log into your user account to purchase and/or download MPC 2.0

  • Gig News: Rock The Block Ft Ozi Batla


    Izzy, Mumbles & Hustle & Flow Bar Present: ROCK THE BLOCK
    With special guest and Australian Hip Hop legend Ozi Batla!

    Open Mic Cypher over Live Beatmaking.
    A showcase of freestyle emcees and beatmakers.

    Come down and be apart of the newest and dopest freeestyle/beatmaking event in Sydney - ROCK THE BLOCK!

    This event will be will be held @ Hustle & Flow Bar EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY.

    **OZI BATLA**

    A.K.A - O.B. Batla. Battlerfinga. Swandon. Batts.
    From legendary crews The Herd and Astronomy Class.

    Wrote/co-wrote tunes such as, including "77%", "Put It On Wax", "Starship Troopers", "A Bright Tomorrow", "Only 19" and the early Oz hip hop breakthrough/down "Scallops".

    In 1996, he teamed up eith DJ ALF, Rok Poshtya, Unkle Ho and Toe Fu (The Herd).

    The first Elefant Traks release in 1998, and in 2001 The Herd evolved out of the fledgling label.

    In 2002 he battled, winning the Verbal Mechanics NSW final, NSW Stealth Battle. Got to semis of Revolver, and invited to first Battle for Supremacy.

    Five Herd albums, a solo record and a third Astronomy Class project in the works.

    He has never stopped / Lovin' hip hop


    Izzy has been a part of the furniture in the Sydney Hip Hop scene for a third of his lifetime. After coming in contact with the Krosswerdz crew in Sydney many years ago, it empowered him to utilize his passion as an emcee and his faith in God and use it to communicate life and hope to a greater audience.

    Izzy has a powerful testimony about redemption, perseverance, identity, culture and growth. Izzy has a very potent lyrical approach to songs and is not afraid to approach a difficult topic and tackle an issue in a track with honestyand heartfelt lyrics.

    In the past 2 years Izzy has stepped into a leadership role in the Krosswerdz Sydney minstry and has been hosting,preparing and participating in the monthly Krosswerdz jams in Sydney as well as mentoring and discipling some of the individual participants through the ministry.

    Every Tuesday night at a local youth centre, Izzy helps to host the weekly cypher group which is gaining some great momentum and is an amazing opportunity to mentor young emcees. This group is a multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-lingual group of young artists. This has been a place of refuge and acceptance for many young emcees to find positive relationships in a supportive environment.

    For many it is a place of accountability, growth and light. It has also been an opportunity for some of the young guys to better their English skills as they grow in their craft as an artist.

    Izzy has been given a great gift to be able to relate to people from many walks of life, with Hip Hop and Ministry as a focus in life, he has been lead to many youth groups, churches, community groups, juvenily detention centres and many more locations to spread a message of life and hope through Hip Hop.

    Izzy also plays a big role in the Indigineous community within Australia; participating in the national radio show as a guest and sometime co-host, participating in community events, gigs and also workshops for young Indigenous Australians. With debut Izzy n The Profit album “Pulling Strings” gaining some positive attention, there are plentymore projects in the pipeline from Izzy including Debut solo album “Snake Eyes”.

    An emcee who speaks from the heart and has an acceptance and understanding of people that makes a great impact.


    Finger drumming extradinaire, Producer, Emcee and founding member of up and coming Ivy Mics Mumbles is well know for being one of the best live beatmakers in the Sydney Hip Hop scene.

    Get down and support the culture and enjoy some of Sydney's finest Live Hip Hop.


  • Premier: Otherside and Ivy Mics Present 'Cliffhangaz Cyphers'

    Cliffhangaz Cypher - Otherside & Ivy Mics

    Otherside and Ivy Mics present Cliffhangaz Cyphers.

    Lounge room jams with Caustic Yoda and Mumbles simultaneously MPC bashing out live beat jams while DJ Platterpush burns the cuts One takes, no edits, no loops, all recorded live.

    MCs in order of appearance, Carlos the Jakal, Wise Guy, Kropsman, Hammy, Mumbles and Otherside. (Wise Guy, Hammy, DJ Platterpush, Caustic Yoda) Ivy Mics (Carlos the Jakal, Kropsman, Mumbles)

    Filmed by Morgan Jones and engineered by T.Kabanov at CwC Studio.

    Catch Wise Guy hosting and Caustic Yoda on the MPC for Bomb Threat tonight (Sat March 11th) at Toasted Loops and Spaceport2's SpaceToast at Gearin Hotel Katoomba Blue Mountains Hip-Hop represent. 


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