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  • Gig Review: Beyond The Beat - Melbourne Hip Hop Show

    Gig Review: Beyond The Beat - Melbourne Hip Hop Show

    Pang Productions Live

    On a winter’s night in Melbourne City, you can’t predict the weather - the city of four seasons. And still, despite the rain, tonight’s event BEYOND THE BEAT presents a night of rhyme and rhythm, supporting the underground local hip-hop where all proceeds go to not-for-profit organisation BEYOND BLUE dedicated to helping those in need suffering from depression and anxiety. So, when figuring out what to do when in Melbourne city, the Asian infused bar HORSE BAZAAR has the answer! 

    Australian Hip Hop

    Setting the vibe for the night a collective crew of beats from Columbia Pictures and Krdeo mix a stack of great samples from Australia and the United Kingdom. Manipulating the tempo and pitch from the audio station really sets the tone of tonight’s upcoming sets. Opening up the night Kasper Kaos with her hip-hop grind and stylish steaze which was a breath of fresh air brings the crowd to their feet, highlighting the event with her new single ‘Runnin’it Up’. Next in the line-up Leyvi and his right hand man Kza step up with their boom bap beats and down to earth rhymes before the beautiful unique flare and soulful voice of Melody Myla does her ting - a blessing in disguise with her soul rap displayed on stage. Then, enter Kjdbrd, an old school flavour of grizzly Australian beats and bars to turn the place out. Entro and Buffer belt out mixed and mastered classic tunes we all know and love. Host Context grabs the mic and spits his lyrical precision, his grounded tone and long experience on the stage shining bright. As the night comes to a close the great duo of Raven Verse and Bently frame nicely the passion felt throughout the room prior to the event’s closer. From the family of Pang Productions, the deadly trio of One Sixth, Adam Koots and Joe Snow headline the night’s proceedings, presenting their cultural roots of Australian, UK and African sounds with great reception from a hyped crown in full swing.

    Australian Hip Hop Artist Context

    Truly and unforgettable night of diverse raw talent as delivered by hosts CONTEXT and HORSE BAZAAR. A special thanks to Pang Productions and all those who came out in support of BEYOND THE BEAT. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the rest of 2019 there plenty more to come.

    Australian Rapper One Sixth


    Words By Alisha Hudson

    Edited By Rip Nicholson

    Photos Supplied By Rogue Photo Media

  • Melbourne Hip Hop Gig News! Pang Productions Family At Penny Black

    Gig News! Pang Productions Family At Penny Black

    Pang Productions event Flyer for Penny Block Melbourne Hip Hop

    Tonight marks the night of a massive Pang Productions gig featuring the Pang Family and friends at the Penny Black in Melbourne. If you haven't had a chance to suss what Pang has to offer then we suggest you come down tonight to witness what the Melbourne hip hop label has been pumping out over the past few years. The night kicks off at 8PM so make sure you get down early to catch all the sets as they will not disappoint, from start to finish these Australian hip hop artists have been working hard over the past few years to hone their skills and have been making some classic hip hop including some big releases from Must over the last year. Nelson Dialect has made the trip back to Australia after a recent European tour.


    Adam Koots
    Nelson Dialect
    Must Volkoff
    Dyl Thomas
    Joe Snow
    2nd Thought
    +special guests

    Free Entry

  • Defenders Of Style Announce New Release "Nosedive EP" Out Via Australia's Pang Productions December 14th 2018

    Defenders Of Style Announce New Release "Nosedive EP" Out Via Pang Productions December 14th 2018

    Defenders Of Style Press Shot

    Fresh off the back of their Upper Echelon LP earlier this year, Leeds’ premier Hip Hop crew Defenders of Style are dropping a new gem before the year’s out. Joe Snow, Jack Danz, Prys & Disgust take a depraved trip all the way south for the Nosedive EP. A short and shameless collaboration with Melbourne producers Must Volkoff & Adam Koots, set for release through Australian label Pang Productions on December 14.

    If you haven't checked out their previous release or heard production from Must and Adam Koots then we suggest you get up to date. These two producers have been steadily honing their respective crafts over the last few years with Must recently dropping heavy hitting beats with Adelaide hip hop artist Dialect on the recent Magnetism release, while having two beat releases in the last 3 years.

    Defenders of Style Nosedive lp Album Cover


    Limited edition 12” vinyl pre-orders are available on Friday November 30 here.

    Release Date: 14.12.2018 


    Defenders Of Style The Nosedive EP Track List:

    Side A
    01 Nosedive
    02 The Jimy Jam ft. One Sixth & Adam Koots
    03 How I Got Into Drugs
    04 Courtney Love ft. Adam Koots
    05 Dip and Dodge
    06 L.O.a.D

    Side B
    01 Nosedive (Instrumental)
    02 The Jimy Jam (Instrumental)
    03 How I Got Into Drugs (Instrumental)
    04 Courtney Love (Instrumental)
    05 Dip and Dodge (Instrumental)
    06 L.O.A.D (Instrumental)

    Tracks 01, 04, 06 produced by Adam

    Tracks 02, 03, 05 produced by
    Must Volkoff

    Recorded by Jack Danz at The Padded

    Mixed and arranged by Must
    Volkoff at Pang Studio.

    Mastered by
    L-Rox at Redsecta.



  • Toasted Loops Presents Otherside - Smoke Mics Launch Ft Dialect & Must Volkoff, 3G Network, Helix

    Toasted Loops Presents Otherside - Smoke Mics Launch Ft Dialect & Must Volkoff, 3G Network, Helix

    Otherside Smoke Mics Album Launch

    Toasted loops is back! With a massive line up and heaps of local releases, as well as interstate kings Nelson Dialect & Must Volkoff with their NSW leg of the Magnetism tour. Otherside will be launching their new single "Smoke Mics" on 7" vinyl and The 3G Network will be dropping their debut ep "Local Knowledge". This is set to be a night of legend, you don't wanna miss this!

    Toasted Loops Otherside Smoke Mics Album Launch Line Up:

    Otherside - Smoke Mics 7" single launch
    DialectMust Volkoff
    3G Network
    Goro - Live beats set to close the night.

    Date: Friday, November 9, 2018 at 8:30 PM – 2 AM UTC

    Otherside Smoke Mics Toasted Loops Tickets:  $20.98


  • Pang Productions Presents "Magnetism" A Collaboration Between Must Volkoff And Nelson Dialect

    Pang Productions Presents "Magnetism" A Collaboration Between Must Volkoff And Nelson Dialect

    MAGNETISM Must Volkoff and Nelson Dialect

    Since they first colluded on Must Volkoff’s White Russian album in 2013 producing two stand out tracks Homeostasis and Time Wields Everything, the musical chemistry between Must & Nelson Dialect has been unmistakable.  Dialect's raspy vocals flawlessly complementing the trademark sounds of Must Volkoff was again displayed when they joined forces on their Metastasis/Jewels & Crystals 7 (2016), and The Holy Ghost on Volkoff’s Aquanaut (2017). The consistent quality of this small catalogue has lead to mounting demand for a full length release from the duo.  We're proud to announce the pair have packaged up 7 new songs plus interludes in the form of the Magnetism LP, pressed to 45prm 12" vinyl.

    Magnetism is set for release on Vinyl and Digital on Friday June 22.

    Vinyl pre-orders will be available at www.pangproductions.com.au from Friday June 1.


    Australian Hip Hop, Pang Productions Presents Magnetism by Must Volkoff and Nelson Dialect

    Must Volkoff and Nelson Dialect - Magnetism Tracklist



    Side A

    01 Intro

    02 Get It

    03 Magnetism

    04 Electric Current Flow

    0S Acute Vision

    06 Hyper Aware


    Side B

    07 Storm Boy

    08 As Above So Below

    09 Mind Your Wants

    10 Laws Of  Physics

    11 Ulterior Motives


  • P.Smurf Drops The Heat With 'Abalone' Produced by Must Volkoff

    P.Smurf Abalone Produced by Must Volkoff

    P.smurf - Abalone

    A bit late to the uptake, "Abalone" was released in May this year, a bold statement to all people sleeping on P.Smurf. Backed by the infectious slow Jazz instrumental by Must Volkoff, P.Smurf decimates the flow, effortlessly stringing his unpredictable multi-syllable rhythm, casually tearing through the bars with his gusto filled word play, offering that vintage wine flavour over his soul food groove in ya belly.

    My favourite Sydney artist by far, P.Smurf has a thing that rappers lack in this day and age: style and originality. His unshaven baritone vocals scratch across the track like a jagged rock jungle. He is not pushing, or trying to project either, he is ultra relaxed and concise in his delivery, rapping from his stomach not his lungs, in his element over this type of instrumental.

    The track is complimented with Must Volkoff's signature tasteful cuts adding the condiment and spices to this already palatable recipe. It also complimented by an awesome film clip, which although is shot in a traditional rap style, is very creative in alluring you into the track, blending different textures, comedy and sarcasm into the mix.

    P.Smurf Ft Must Volkoff - 'Abalone'


    Abalone is the first single taken from the Sydney MC's forthcoming debut solo LP 'Playing The Blues', due out later this year through Big Village Records.

    Produced by Must Volkoff

    Cuts by Must Volkoff

    Video edited by Billy Zammit

    Directed by P.Smurf & Hollie Black

    Shot by Hollie Black, Rodrigo Torres, Calum Ridlle


    Words By Lani Milbus.

  • Must Volkoff Talks Aquanaut and Touring!

    Must Volkoff - Aquanaut

    Must Volkoff speaks with OZHIPHOPSHOP

    Ozhiphopshop caught up with Must as he was on tour for his recent  album release Aquanaut out now.

    Lani Milbus
    Yo whaddup Musty, how are ya mate? Cheers for taking the time out to have a chat. You’d be a busy man, I swear you make beats in your sleep? haha

    Must Volkoff

    Ha no worries bro, cheers for hitting us up.

    So where did it start musically for yourself? Like as a kid, where did inspiration/interest come from, when did you start playing music, and making beats?


    I’m lucky my folks told me to pick an instrument when i was about 5.  I chose the clarinet then took up the saxophone as well when I grew a bit more.  I had some good teachers in primary school that taught me some blues scales and how to improvise trading bars back and forth with them in my lessons.  I kept it up through most of high school until I lost interest in the school bands and wanted to do my own thing.  I started playing drums in a band and making beats when I was about 16 or 17.


    Awesome man, the musicianship in your records is blaringly evident, especially with your drums. Obviously over the years you have upgraded your studio setup “saving up for apparatus”, what was the original setup you started on? And if you had to convert back to that for beats, what would be the one instrument/unit/plugin/gadget etc you would wanna take from your current setup?


    The very first beats i made were actually using the audio tracks in video software, I think it was an old version of Adobe Premiere, just cos that’s all i had and knew how to use it.  Then we got Fruity Loops and Mata and I made hundreds of beats together on that and recorded a few tunes onto cassette.  We switched to Pro Tools in ’02 and I got the MPC 2500 about 10 years ago now.  Switching back to old Adobe Premier haha, i’d have to keep the MPC.  You can do it all in the box and just two track beats at the end of the day and be done with it.  Sometimes that sounds best.  If i could keep an instrument it would be the Fender Rhodes for sure.


    Word man, excellent selections!
    Pang Productions is an incredible label. How did it start? You guys have always been a beacon of light for anyone wanting to do music D.I.Y. What’s your advice for young cats who wanna run their own label? And what was the main factors in you wanting to do it off your own back? (Obviously that’s a very broad and multi-faceted question)


    Thanks bro!  We never really set out to run a label.  A lot of people have told me they want to start one and it always seems like a bit of a pipe dream to be honest.  I think wanting to start a label for the sake of it’s probably not gonna work.  The label kind of grows out of necessity after you’ve made the music and you need a way to release and promote it while remaining self reliant and not getting ripped off.  We just wanted to learn the whole process ourselves.  Even as a kid i never liked to ask for help much, i preferred to figure things out for myself.  People started to take notice early on even when the quality was low, I think because they felt where we were coming from.  So we could see there was a lane for us and we’ve just kept at it.  We’ve grown our audience real gradually and organically.  So just have the right motivation i suppose.  Try and offer something unique.  Take pride in your work and pay attention to detail, the little differences make all the difference.  There’s a flood of artists these days it’s all about standing out.


    Awesome advice mate, you definitely have your own unique sound, and your attention to detail is second to none.

    So, do you have any emcees/DJ’s/singers you absolutely love to hear on your beats? And if it hasn’t happened yet, who would you like to hear on them? I personally love Sonnyjim, Flu, Mata & Must, Dialect, Dyl Thomas, One Sixth and Mantra. Mongo is now one of my favourites too .


    Yeah I’ve got a handful of nice tunes in the works with Mongo, we’re gonna do something with those soon.  Recording Nelson Dialect is always a pleasure, we tend to keep the first take unless he fumbles which is rare, so it’s always a buzz when I know I’m hearing the song happen live.  I like working with new people, trying to come up with something to suit their style.  I’ve also had an album in the works with Eduaz for a while now, a dope MC from Chile living in Melbourne.  I’m planning on producing a bunch more rap in Spanish when we go over there soon to release it and do some shows.  The scene there seems real fresh.

    Nice man! Eduaz is extremely dope, I saw a drop with Maundz a while back and that was ill! Looking like you got some big tunes on the way bro! Sheeesh!

    You obviously work with a high calibre of artists, and provide many with a recording space, and by my observation, you have the uncanny ability to extract a high level (if not best) from everyone you work with. Clearly you have the Midas touch, but how do you approach getting that from the artists you work with? For example say someone is recording a joint for one of your production albums at the Pang lab, and isn’t getting the results you’re after, how do you go about getting the outcome you want, and what are the more common problems you frequently correct in the booth?


    I can’t take too much credit.  I try to have patience.  It’s hard to keep the vibe when it’s taking a lot of takes.  I’m often telling mc’s to chill and focus on what they’re saying so they get that calm conviction happening rather than just getting too hype and starting to yell, rushing and running out of breath.  Relax and let the tune do the work.  Also ‘you’re doing too many backups, just do a few in the right spots to add some dynamics’.  Rappers seem to think the work’s done when they’ve got the verse sorted and just make a mess of the backups and ad-libs.  Then I gotta spend hours editing.  I do scrap a bit of music.  A couple of tunes featuring close mates on White Russian and Aquanaut were the 3rd or 4th attempt.  If i’ve just got the one tune from someone i’ll work on it and maybe remix it altogether until i’m satisfied or go mental and have to leave it alone.


    You definitely can hear the calmness and conviction of the guys on your records bro. Take the advice from Must everybody - "you needa relax and let the tune do the work," great insights man

    Who’s your top 5 emcees in AUS?


    Man that’s a tough one.  I can’t pick a favourite anything.  I’ll say


    Lazy Grey

    One Sixth


    Nelson Dialect


    Dope choices bro, I'd have to agree with you on that!

    What up-and-coming beat makers have taken your fancy? And what sorts of producers do (did) you take inspiration from? 


    There’s loads of great producers around.  Adam Koots is the best.  Mr Litty is a young G doing dope things.  Joe Syzlak killed Context’s EP earlier this year.  Oath is real nice.  I’ve taken insipration from loads of Funk, Soul, Reggae and Dub producers.  All kinds of jazz and psychedelic music.  All the typical Hip Hop producers like Muggs, Premo, Pete Rock, Rza, Erick Sermon, J Dilla, Dr Dre, Kev Brown, Jehst, Task Force, Harry Love, Third Person Lurkin, Lewis Parker, and some wonky future beat stuff too.  Anything that catches my interest really.  I don’t even have to like it to find something interesting about the way it’s mixed or arranged or whatever.
    Must Volkoff - Aquanaut Cover


    I wrote a review for the Context EP earlier this year, those beats are crazy, the other dudes are top notch too, sounds like you have an ear for authentic, pure musicality with those choices!

    What’s on the horizon next for Pang? I know there is a word of a Must x Dialect album in the works, anything else to be excited about? White Russian is a certified classic, Aquanaut you outdid yourself again in impressive fashion. Evolution is obviously important to yourself, how do you handle the pressure of trying to follow up (and outdo) such well received and polished albums?

    Yeah the Must x Dialect release is on the way.  I just need to get some time to finish things off.  Koots is crunching out beats for a new crew release that’s coming together nicely. I’m gonna try and take a break soon and get back into beat making mode to work on some shorter releases with a few UK artists.   I also want to work on more live instrumental stuff.  You mentioned evolution, like anything i need time to be focused on making beats daily to get that happening.  Otherwise i feel too rushed to experiment.  As for handling the pressure i’m not sure if i’ll be doing another full length production album with features again any time soon.  I think having the commitment to follow through when you wanna chuck it in is what makes the difference in the end.  I’m lucky to have people around that will put up with me being stressed and self absorbed.


    Must Volkoff x UK artists is always a chicken dinner for me man, look forward to that, and hearing the Koots produced crew! Definitely understandable, one can only assume the hours and strands of hair out of the scalp it took to create those incredible albums haha.

    The name rings a bell. Tell us how Mata & Must came about, (names/history) and talk us through your mind state in transforming into Must Volkoff (Honeymoon On Mars Ep was the first project released under that title yeah?)

    Mata and i became friends the first day of High School, just cos we shared the same taste in music and sense of humour.  He was the front man for our band in our teens.  Mata was how his real name sounded backwards and I came up with Must real quick to go with it.  They just sounded good together and I liked the ambiguous meanings.  We started making beats together and writing raps in the last year of high school right before we heard any other local stuff.  Rigorous were the other crew round our way one year older and one step ahead.  I came up with Must Volkoff when i was making White Russian, just because Must wasn’t unique for searching on the web.  Volkoff is actually my middle name, I’m half Russian so using that was part of the whole theme.


    Awesome man! That brang a huge smile to the face. Its excellent to see more and more artists in Australia embracing their heritage, and the theme for that album is incredible. Excellent you mention the ambigious meaning between yourselves, it follows into my next question, I guess thats why you titled it Paradox Of Minds.

    Paradox Of Minds is easily in my top 5 of all time Australian Hip-Hop albums. This (to me) set a standard of lyricism and beats, which was completely pure and unsaturated, and was the voice of the independent, struggling D.I.Y artists in oz. I’m sure many would agree with me on this albums merits. I have spoken with Mata, and he said to ask you haha. What do we need to do as an oz hip-hop community to get it pressed on wax? Like I will organise it. I will get petitions happening. I’ll hang on the streets and pester heads coming out the local independent stores. Fuck I’ll start a go-fund-me. They say never say never, but what’s the chance of us making it happen haha?


    Haha thanks bro i appreciate that!  I like to do things properly though.  I did my best at mixing and mastering that album myself at the time.  It wouldn’t be easy to go back and find those sessions to get it mastered for vinyl without wanting to adjust things and open a can of worms when i’m focused on progressing into the future.  It’s fresh that some heads want it so much but i’m just not motivated to work on releasing old music at this point.


    (Sulks for a second) Fair enough mate, I completely get that, hopefully one day!

    Joe Snow and yourself have just been recently doing workshops in Yuendumu, how was that experience, and what did it entail? Much respect man, I personally think it’s really important to engage with the youth and particularly our indigenous communities. What gave you the spark to do it? I understand you had a few people help financially to make it happen?


    Yeah big thanks to the people who contributed to the Kickstarter.  It was a crazy experience.  We were lucky to be invited up there.  I’m keen to do more youth work, so far I’ve just taken it on when it’s been offered.  We were there for ten days.  We basically took small groups of kids out bush to different spots they knew and wrote and recorded with them in the back of the 4WD.  We made a pretty raw little posse track.  Shooting video the whole time.  There’s a verse on there in Warlpiri language!  The beauty of the landscape and people up there definitely exceeded my expectations.  I’m gonna cut the film clip together in the next few weeks so keep an eye out.


    Amazing man, truly inspiring, and no doubt just as beneficial for yourself as the people you met and worked with.

    Your about to set sail on your Aquanaut tour, and looks like each state has got some pretty special shows! What can you expect from a Must Volkoff set? Both production albums you didn’t spit on, so how does that translate to a live performance for yourself?


    I’ll spin some stuff i’ve produced to warm it up for a bit but I’m lucky to have a bunch of dope MC’s turn up at each show and perform the tunes we’ve made together.  It’s more about them really I’m just running the beats and live cuts, firing lasers and catching backups when people run out of breath or blank out.  I might spit a verse too.  I’m happy to have my name on the top of the bill though.


    Dope bro, looking forward to seeing you live man!
    Thanks for having a chat brother, your time is greatly appreciated! Much respect and accolades! Finally, what is your final message to young artists, beat makers, emcees, DJ’s, young men and women? What’s something you believe is important? Haha, a chance for some Musty wisdom!


    Thank you bro!  Just be yourself, love yourself and all that.  It sounds corny but for some people that’s the hardest thing.  Have something to say and offer something unique otherwise what’s the point.  People will just listen to the original.  People want to hear your voice/personality/style cos it’s unique.  Not you trying to sound like someone else. Confidence and commitment is everything.  Peace!


    Much respect my man, 150% agree with people need to learn to love themselves. Like you said sometimes it can be the hardest thing to do, thanks for sharing your insights Musty!

  • Defenders Of Style - The Long Weekend Tour


    Defenders Of Style (Leeds, UK) are in Australia for the first time this Februrary performing tracks from their highly acclaimed 2015 album 'The Death Of Meaning'.


    The Defenders are playing four dates supported by Adam Koots with Must Volkoff (Pang Productions), and P.Smurf with DJ Cost (Big Village Records).

    The Long Weekend Tour ends with a FREE SHOW at Grumpy's on Sunday Feb 26 with Retayner & Sammy Scissors added to the bill.

    Live Graffiti from 4PM. Free entry!

  • Sinks - Eyes Wide ft Dj 2Buck

    Sinks - Eyes Wide Feat. DJ 2Buck

    Brand new track and clip from Melbourne emcee Sinks. It seems Sinks is one of the most slept-on artists in Australia, (although I don't possess any of his music) everything I have heard from him has been on point in all regards (lyrics, flow, tone, production) and this is no exception.

    This clip is taken from Sink's sophomore album Cold Fury entirely produced by Oath. If the rest of the production is as fresh as this single then the album is set to be lit.

    Sinks goes in on this track, effortlessly stringing hypnotic multi-syllable flows and ornate wordplay over a heavily influenced 90's sounding instrumental. His lyrics are self-reflective, portraying the obvious struggle of being a hungry artist and living in a harsh world full of "ugly truths." His tone sits on beat the whole way, in tune with the beat, melodic and Australian to the core.

    Dj 2Buck's cuts are in perfect synchronicity of the track "keep your eyes wide, open analyse," such tasteful choices in samples to cut, and rhythmic all in the right spots to hold the chorus down and create the counter-part which glues the verses together..

    The clip is shot by Must Volkoff and edited by Sinks, shot in rugged suburban landscapes and in grey scale. The clever production of the clip helps enhance the sombre, thoughtful mood of the track. Decorated further by the mix and master, it helps bring the sonic qualities together to put the icing on the cake.


    Keep up to date with Sinks via the links below.

    Sinks Facebook

    Sinks Bandcamp

    Sinks YouTube

    Vinyl pre orders: 17/11/2016

    Official release: 24/11/2016


    Words by Lani Milbus.

  • 'Metastasis' The Brand New Track And Music Video From Dialect And Must Volkoff

    Must Volkoff ft Dialect - METASTASIS (Official Video)

    Melbourne independent hip hop record label Pang Productions have just released a brand new track and video clip featuring Adelaide rapper Dialect. This brand new track 'Metastasis' is the follow up for 'Homeostasis' featuring Must Volkoff on the pads again.

    A limited edition  Metastasis/Jewels + Crystals 7" will be available from the store on 21/7/16.

    Peep The brand new video for 'Metastasis' below.


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