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  • Adelaide Rapper Conseps Drops His Brand New Album Full Circle!

    Adelaide Rapper Conseps Drops His Brand New Album Full Circle!

    Conseps - Full Circle Front Cover

    Spirit Kitchen Recordings is proud to release the debut album by Adelaide emcee Conseps, entitled 'Full Circle.' The project features guest appearances from Adelaide emcees Patti, Beats, Alerts, Social Change, Evolve, Subliminal and others. The album is produced by local hitmaker Ash Wednesday and features beats by Gas Gangrene, Conseps and Simplex, with DJ Dymes on the cuts.  
    Adelaide's own journeyman delivers his best work to date. 
    Conseps got his feet wet performing various live shows and radio appearances around Adelaide in the 2000s. He featured on two 12-inch records with the crew Adroit Effusive ('Part A' and 'Part E') and had success on local radio with heavy-rotation of the track 'Moeshzilla & King Kongseps', alongside fellow Adroit Effusive crew member, Motion. Since then Conseps has released the underground classic 'The Ice Breaker' with friends Patti and DJ Kansel and featured heavily on the debut LP ‘The Album’ with long-time crew Adroit Effusive. Conseps has gone on to record and perform alongside some of Australia’s best underground emcees.  

    Full Circle features the banging tracks ‘SoufLyfe’ ,‘ Trust The Process’ , ‘Knock Knock’  and the soon-to-be classic posse cut ‘Deadly Dose’. Atop hard hitting beats with mix of dark and upbeat production, Conseps tackles various subjects, with often topical rhymes, touching on personal issues, life and death, with a good blend of introspect drawn from everyday experiences. Without a doubt Conseps is back representing Adelaide to the fullest!

    Purchase it here!

  • Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

    Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

    Social Change - New Era feat. DJ Sum-1

    Social Change - New Era ft DJ Sum1

    New Era, the latest drop from Social Change is an absolute banger. This track is simultaneously taking us back and moving forward. A true B-Boy anthem, you can easily imagine the breakers getting down to this one on the sidewalk with cardboard.
    The heavy groove from Funkwig carries the whole track. A few well-chosen samples over an extremely dusty funk drum break makes this track impossible to keep the neck steady.
    Social Change delivers his signature finesse and lyricism over it, effortlessly flowing over the bars. Controlled demolition of the instrumental, the sincerity of his delivery, conviction and tone is reminiscent of old school Rakim. The type of rapping that you could mindlessly party to, or break down elements and bug out on the emceeing.
    DJ Sum1 adds the hot sauce to the track, instead of having a cut section, he juggles McFadden & Whitehead's - Ain't No Stopping Us Now, back and forth, which is hugely refreshing change. The skilled veteran DJ tearing up the wheels just adds the perfect element to tie the whole theme and song together.

    In an age where a lot of artists are trying to compete with and emulate the "new" sounds, like trap and mumble rap, this is a revival of the true school, essentially a new golden era. Taking it back and moving ten steps ahead.

    Go and rinse it!

    Words By Lani Milbus

  • Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)

    Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops) Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)

    Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)


    'Comin’ Up' Fast sees two of the biggest Adelaide heavyweight rhymers come together to show people what is f%$#-ing up, down in South Oz.

    Arguably the two most slept on artists in Australia, Social Change & Mnops together is a deadly amalgamation of wordplay, delivery and distinct voices cutting through over a Funkwig banger, (who is also disputably one of Australia’s premium and slept on producers.)

    The track starts with the slamming vintage production, with Ice Cube’s classic sample “Comin Up Fast” taken from his classic song “Colour Blind” from his album “Death Certificate,” setting up the track and building anticipation for the verses to drop, with a few other samples I’m not familiar with (although one sounds suspiciously like it came from a Superman record haha.)

    Social Change comes in with his trademark authoritative style, voice and flow. Razor sharp lyrics, he addresses being in the shadows and sharpening his sword for many years, starving hunger and “comin’ up” which in my opinion, he is overdue for his “come-uppance.” His voice cuts through with such a fresh Aussie tone, and his breath control on this is gargantuan. Flow is always on point with SC but on this one he condemns every word so you can feel the pulse of every single syllable, like a swinging katana blade striking with every word.
    Mnops comes in with his signature fast paced, multi-syllable style and presents his 4th to 7th bars with some creative deliberate stutters which sound doper than hash butter. Using dirty imagery, braggadocio wordplay and similes – “I’m a fucking eagle, you’re a maggot on a flesh piece” and funny lines like “Emcee’s are looking lost, DJ Khaled on a jet ski,” this verse is entertaining, creative and sonically enjoyable from flow to lyrics and delivery.

    All sound effects, mixing/ mastering are all achieved handsomely, using scarcity mixed with tasteful placement and selection of all elements, this track is a certified, head-nodding, true school boom bap classic.

    I’m looking forward to Social Change’s highly anticipated album/s, and Mnops’ follow up to his April Fools mixtape titled “Jokes On You,” and I’m not the only one that should be either!

    Listen to Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops) Below!


    Words By Lani Milbus

  • New Music! Social Change - 100

    Australian Hiphop, Ozhiphop, Hiphop, Social Change

    Social Change gets it started back up with their new track ‘100’. Produced by Funkwig with cuts by DJ Snair, the Hip Hop supreme team pick up where they left off delivering a hard funk driven beat topped off with sharp lyrics and scratches.

    ‘100’ serves somewhat as a reintroduction for Social Change who last released music on the 2010 Butterthief Phat Tape. Since then Social Change has collaborated on tracks with Dialect, Matchless Gift, Ben Iota (Bornski), Chris Bass, Joseph Duigan and Everyday, and has spent the past few years building the Butterthief label, joining in on various tours with the likes of Levelheaded, Dialect, Pang Productions & Crate Cartel, and preparing a slew of music set to follow this release.

  • New Music! Ben Iota - Born Free

    Ben Iota Born Free Ben Iota Born Free

    “Born Free” is the debut solo EP from seasoned MC Ben Iota (AKA Bornski) from Adroit Effusive. Produced and arranged by upcoming Producer Matchless Gift the EP features Janey Housego, Visionz, Motion, Mesha and Social Change with co-production by Funkwig, cuts by DJ Snair and a remix by K21.

    Inspired by Ben Iota’s recent history studying and living in a developing country, alongside the manifest production of Matchless Gift, this release explores the theme of freedom, or lack there of, and is a narrative of the search for an alternative to the homogeny and trappings of western society. Inquiry and exploration underpins “Born Free”.

    The production by Matchless Gift is his finest work to date, demonstrating his grasp on both Western and Eastern musical forms, with both feet firmly in Hip Hop territory. Putting the mic down for this release and concentrating on the production, Matchless has orchestrated a soundscape that is eclectic, yet congruent. It utilises samples, live instrumentation, MPC, Moog, keyboards, and movie grabs, instinctively fusing Psych/Prog Rock, Folk, Industrial, Soul, Hard Rock, Indian and Middle-Eastern sounds. The result is a slick and at times quirky collection of hard-hitting Hip Hop beats.

    The lyrics on “Born Free” are inquisitive, stemming from Ben Iota’s fascination with the human condition, and the desire to explore. The title track ‘Born Free’ featuring Janey Housego, is an analogy of Ben’s travels both mentally and geographically, and is backed by a heavy Matchless Gift soundtrack. It documents the personal endeavour to discover freedom by expanding the mind and exploring the world; finding peace of mind, putting things into perspective and gaining a fresh lease for life. The realisation of the magic in the present moment (‘You Can Feel It’), the need to seek out truths amidst the conditioning of the mass media (‘Guerilla Journalist’), and the search for a better way in the midst of the current human condition (‘Iota’) are complimented by a stream-of-consciousness banger (1, 2, 1, 2) and rounded out by a posse track with some of Adelaide’s most diligent emcees (‘More Than Just Words’ featuring Visionz, Motion, Mesha and Social Change).

    A testament to both the dedication to the craft of Hip Hop and an open, inquisitive mind, “Born Free” is entirely recorded, produced and mixed at Matchless Gift’s studio in Adelaide with mastering handled by Disk Edit. Artwork by Social Change and photography by Will Freeland and Jonathan VDK, K21 from Golden Era Records has also contributed a remix of the lead single “Iota”.

    Born ‘Free’ is released through Butterthief and is available now.
    Pruchase it here now on CD

    Having been an active member of the Adelaide Hip Hop community for over a decade, emcee and producer Ben Iota (AKA Bornski of Hip Hop groups Adroit Effusive and Common Cause) is back.

    After taking a hiatus from Hip Hop to concentrate on studies, travel and to live in remote Indonesia, a new artist with a fresh and somewhat unique perspective to Australian Hip Hop has emerged. Ben now approaches music as a writer, with fewer attachments to the scene, and a perspective that more often that not looks outside of the suburb, state and country that he lives in, posing some big questions. This is socio-political music from a lived perspective, underpinned by inquiry and the need to explore.

    In 2012 Ben Iota the emcee teamed up with friend and musical comrade Matchless Gift on production to write, record and produce a series of songs in a time of inspired energy. Having freshly finished his studies as a mature-aged student, and with an overseas move on the horizon, the songs just fell out. Now comes His latest release Born Free.

    Butterthief Butterthief



    1. It Represents Freedom
    2. Born 'Free' Feat Janey Housego
    3. You Can Feel It
    4. Iota
    5. 1,2,1,2
    6. Guerrilla Journalist
    7. More Than Just Words Feat Visionz, Motion, Mesha & Social Change
    8. From The Middle Of The Cosmic Soup
    9. Iota K21 Remix

  • New Music! Fat Pockets - Butterthief Phat Tape

    New Music! Fat Pockets - Butterthief Phat Tape Available Now For Purchase

    Fat Pockets Phat Tape Fat Pockets - Phat Tape

    Funkwig and DJ Snair team up as Fat Pockets and deliver the “Butterthief Phat Tape”

    The “Phat Tape” is a 24 minute CD, featuring all original production by Funkwig and cuts by DJ Snair with new exclusive music by Social Change, Dialect, K21, Crossbred Mongrels & Chris Bass plus special guests 2Biz and Mesha.

    Starting out like a dusty beat tape packed with vocal samples, the Phat Tape winds it’s way thru various instrumentals and skits until reaching track 5 “Da Ultimate” on which Dialect and Social Change both bless the mic. This is followed by another collaboration “Flava” with K21 and Social Change sharing the funky beat, both tracks featuring straight lyricism, no hooks and songs here.

    Then the Phat Tape finally arrives at a new exclusive full length Social Change song in “Step” on which Social Change flips lyrics like “Coming correct with this / Microphone Checking this / Specialists / Effective at making it look Effortless.”

    “Step” is followed by a quick word from 2Biz of the almighty Crackhouse family (Mindfield, Sukatash, Common Cause) before heading into an exclusive “Crossbred Mongrels” track produced by Chris Bass with cuts by DJ Snair. This track was left off the recent Crossbred album but with Chris Bass smashing the beat and Snair going crazy on the cuts, it finds it’s home perfectly on the Phat Tape.

    After a quick shout out from Mesha and DJ Snair from Taylor Made Tactix the Phat Tape finishes up with another exclusive full length Social Change track “Forever”.

    The Phat Tape CD pressing also includes bonus Social Change track “REAL”.

    Available now in our store via the link below.


    Butterthief Butterthief
  • New Music! Social Change - V.High.E.P

    Social Change - V.High.E.P


    Social Change V.High.E.P Social Change V.High.E.P

    Adelaide underground Hip Hop favourite Social Change releases official debut EP “V.High.E.P”.

    This next-level release is an introduction to the Social Change sound, which features production by beat heavyweights Funkwig and One Above as well as cuts by Australia’s finest turntable veteran DJ Snair.

    Social Change takes the stage with a mic, MPC and two turntables, or a complete live band. Having performed for years, sharing stages with various fellow Australian artists and numerous international acts, Social Change has crafted an E.P that leaves you wanting more.

    Social Change has previously featured on the critically acclaimed F&d (Funkwig & deNorthwode) album “Worship the Grit” released late 2005 through Crookneck, as well as their own self titled EP with The Expressionist in 1998.

    “V.High.E.P” is the first release from Adelaide based production and recording label Butterthief.

    Butterthief Butterthief

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