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  • 7 Australian Hip Hop Artists To Watch In 2020

    7 Australian Hip Hop Artists To Watch In 2020

    7 Australian Hip Hop Artists To Watch In 2020

    Hip-hop from Australia is currently finding considerable international success with the likes of Hilltop Hoods, ChillinIt, Kerser and OneFour all breaking out beyond domestic market success to new audiences. With Australia’s The Kid Laroi also hitting mainstream success in America with his music featured on Lyrical Lemonade and working with the likes of Lil Tecca, Lil Skies, Lil Tjay and more, we take a look at the next top 7 artists to watch from Australia teetering on an international breakthrough in 2020.

    HP Boyz (Melbourne)

    The biggest group to truly emerge in the second half of last year was the HP Boyz trio of Onit, YJ and MWayz out of Melbourne. With a string of hit singles from their smash debut Blueprint to the below viral Engineers to Bad N Bouj to their most recent drop in Moves, HP Boyz have continually progressed. They sold out most of their 7-date international tour of New Zealand late last year and have played major festival shows and support slots throughout Australia, with a large and growing fanbase internationally already. A memorable live show coupled with releasing quality over quantity positions HP Boyz strongly for possible international success.

    HP Boyz -  Engineers


    Hooligan Hefs (Sydney)

    One of the most original sounds to develop out of Australia in recent years is Sydney’s Hooligan Hefs. Developing his sound since 2017, last year was really his breakout which saw half a dozen big singles released and several festival and major support slots including Tyga along with his own sold out tour. Hooligan Hefs crossover potential into EDM is massive and unique, expect for him to continuing to push his sound into new directions. A fan favorite whose energy transcends music and solidifies his true star power, it’s hard not to like his already iconic moves and language.

    Hooligan Hefs - IYKYK


    Sampa The Great (Sydney)

    Recent 2x winner of the prestigious Australian Music Prize in both 2017 and 2019 , Sampa has been making waves for herself since the release of her debut project “The Great Mixtape” in 2015. She has since followed this up with two very strong projects in 2017’s mixtape “Birds And The Bee9” and her debut studio album in late 2019’s “The Return”. Drawing on influences including Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Mos Def amongst others, the talented and versatile Sampa has already toured domestically and internationally on her own accord significantly. As her fanbase continues to expand through continued quality releases, expect that to continue as she develops herself into an even more of a much sought-after Festival act as comfortable on the main stage as she is performing her own solo tours internationally as well as throughout Australia.

    Sampa The Great – Final Form 


    LISI (Brisbane)

    LISI burst onto the scene in mid-October last year with his single debut “Say Less” that captivated significant attention throughout Australia and internationally from West Brisbane. He followed this great anticipation up successfully with the two singles “The Come Up” and “Got This” on either side of the New Year, before beginning to release music with his group Th4 W3St last month. With a groundswell of support throughout Brisbane already, he is likely to be able to tour internationally in the region in the near future as well as nationally post-COVID-19.

    Lisi - Say Less


    Youngn Lipz (Sydney)

    Youngn Lipz burst onto the scene in late 2019 with a string of hit singles including the below Misunderstood, Silent, Otherside earlier this year and his most recent Lifestyle with DJ Discretion and the aforementioned Hooligan Hefs. Such a rapid rise has never before be seen at such a scale in Australia and Youngn Lipz has already found himself performing on the biggest of stages in the country and about to commence his own extended solo headline tour throughout Australia. His sound, along with HP Boyz and One Four, has the most natural sound that is likely to be easily absorbed smoothly internationally and if he continues with another hit or two with a notable international feature, 2020 could prove even faster than the last few months of 2019 for him.

    Youngn Lipz -Misunderstood


    Wombat (Tasmania)

    The trademark rapid-fire delivery that Wombat has become known for has led him to selling out his own solo national tours and he has developed a cult like following that grows every week across Australia. With a stack of his own singles plus memorable collaborations with some of Australia’s best in Fraksha, ChillinIt, Nerve, Greeley and Scotty Hinds he has also been making inroads into the UK and continental Europe of late. With the release of an extended project on the near horizon, expect to see more big things coming up soon.

    Wombat  And Chillinit - Underrated


    Complete (Perth)

    Testament to the age-old adage that hard work pays off, Complete has built a very strong following from the ground up over the last decade slowly but surely. With the successful release of his highly anticipated and eagerly awaited debut solo studio album last year Death Rattle on Warner Music, Complete seems to be levelling up yet again as he continues to expand his diverse catalogue to international audiences. With a bunch of hits already under his built and a nationally renowned live show, we can expect a follow up that will push him even further to new audiences.

    Complete - Jordan

    Words By BattleRap Writer

  • Nerve – Til Death ft Retayner & Wombat

    Nerve - TIL DEATH Feat - Retayner & Wombat

    Nerve – Til Death ft Retayner & Wombat

    Sometimes the direction of Australian Hip-Hop concerns me, there’s so much ego involved in the scene, unnecessary beef and bullshit, a general lack of respect and some music reflects that. On the other hand, those doubts are quelled constantly by the younger talent in this country. The insurgence of new talent and life into the scene has been a breath of fresh air, and this track is no less.
    Staccato, multisyllabic, head-nodding flows, this track seems to be coming for the “kill.” No stops are pulled on flow as the young talents of Nerve & Wombat throw down a hefty barrage of Punisher style syllables.

    Joining the fresher faces repping from QLD & Tassie respectively, Melbourne vet Retayner drops a verse in the middle. Connecting the east coast, but also two different eras of Aus rap. This tracks takes you from left field with the quality, it is incredibly dope, but also one wouldn’t expect anything less from such an ill combo.
    Nerve is arguably one of the dopest up and comers (that term I think should be used very loosely) along with Wombat as well. Nerve kills his verse with 90’s style, flow and delivery on some headbanger boogie shit. His voice cuts through concisely, and he controls the rhythm of the track even with a funky beat with swing drums.
    In case you been under a rock, Retayner has been super busy on the music lately. Clip after clip, he’s a face that’s been seen regularly. Signature tains with his intricate wordplay and imagery, he bridges the gap between the crazy flow of the other two, with more complex lyrics and more stripped back delivery. I think it adds a great dynamic to the track. I really love his last 2 bars “so if ya got a younger brother tell em what the deal is, and never lead a man down a path where gear is”
    Wombat merks his verse, crazy multies, vocal tone and general control, I think he has a lot of good things ahead of him. What I was particularly impressed with was his overall control with tone-flow-breaths etc. Extremely dope, there are little words that aren’t inside of his rhyme schemes.
    Great clip by Carl Alison, another one who’s been a predominant name in the scene lately. Every shot shows them in very authoritative positions which carries that “burner” rhymer feel, it makes the track seem heavier, and as always Carls work is top notch, smoky, mysterious, with cool gimble shots.

    The track is produced by Nerve, and is lifted off his upcoming album. If the rest of it is anything like this one, then you know it’s gonna be straight fire. Looking forward to the release of this one.
    I think in order for the whole scene to grow, we need to give credit where due, and be more community minded when it comes to music and art. Jealousy and envy are some of the lowest forms of emotional states. Joy, happiness and unity will bring much prosperity and quality to the scene. There is an immeasurable amount of talent coming up from the young underground, scratch just beneath the surface and you will find them. Sure you have to sift through to find it, and there is a lot of half-arsed stuff out there, but the payoff of finding these dope new talents is well worth the time invested to find them. I think the future of our great culture here in Oz is going to continue to flourish, develop as long as we nurture the scene in the right way, and support dope artists on the come up, especially the ones that show strong work ethic.

    Enough of my jibba jabba, Oi! Dope work!

    For fans of: Syntax Junkies, multisyllable flows, underground Aus rap.

    Words by Lani Milbus.


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