Tasmanian Rapper Dunn D Drops Brand New Video 'Free Greelz'

Dunn D FreeGreelz Music Video

Tasmanian rapper Dunn D is back again with a brand new music video 'Free Greelz' and it talks about some of the issues of fellow Mc Greeley getting locked up for assault. Greeley was locked up then let out then locked up again earlier this year for an assault on a person outside a hip hop gig. The circumstances surrounding the incident isn't all that meets the eye as the victim allegedly didn't seek the medical help he needed at the time and in turn may have caused more damage to himself then the original incident.

The new track talks about the Greeley incident in more depth and then also discusses other problems within the court systems including weak sentences for sex crimes and pedophilia. Dunn D mentions the recent light sentences and releases some criminals have gotten even tho the crimes are to do with children.

Watch Dunn D 'Free Greelz' Music Video Below!


The track was recorded and mixed by Callum Ball.

Filmed and edited by 90 Pillz Productions.

Beat produced by Matt Rafle.