Otherside Release The Live Version Of "Mold" Taken From The Brand New EP "Slug"

Otherside Mold - Smokestack Cypher #1 - Live Recording

Otherside - "Mold" Smokestack Cyphers #1


This live version of 'Mold' taken from Otherside's new EP 'Slug' is the first part of a 2 part Smokestack Cyphers series. The video was filmed by the acclaimed photographer Adam Scarf in the shadow of the iconic Carrington hotel smokestack that has towered over Katoomba for over 100 years.

Otherside have become renown for their live video renditions of tracks and it seems fitting as live performance is extremely important for the four-piece Blue Mountains crew. In an unusual approach the crew perform with no pre-sequenced backing tracks, instead the entire musical arrangement is tapped out live on the MPC sampler and complimented by DJ Platterpush's rawkus turntablism. Perhaps an even less orthodox approach is that this same methodology is also applied to their recording process, with Caustic Yoda the groups producer recording the music from beginning to end in one pass with no sequencing or quantization. This gives the music that human feel of imperfection that is so rare in the world of overproduced soulless contemporary music. 

Lyrically Wiseguy and Hammy exchange braggadocio bars and take shots at the absurd approach taken by many of their musical contemporaries. 

Otherside are currently part-way through their east-coast tour with only their Sydney launch at the Hideaway bar in Newtown on Saturday 14th of April and their hometown gig at the Roxy/ Gearins Hotel in Katoomba on the 27th of April left on the slug trail.

The crew are eager to head back into the studio and begin work on their next project, with some exciting developments already in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for these fellas as this is not the last you will hear of Otherside by a long shot.

Watch Otherside 'Mold' The Smokestack Cypher #1 Below!


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