Peeps - One With Me

Peeps – One With Me

‘One With Me’ is the single from Peeps’ sophomore release “Dying To Live” the follow up to his debut Ep “Waiting To Die.”

There are few words to describe this track without one personally listening to it, if you take the time to rotate it, listening to the delivery, lyrical content, production, mix and the overall tone and emotion, you realise this is a classic track, worthy of high praise.
“Disgusting from day one, why would you listen to me,” Peeps the Putrid fills the soundscape with his signature gravel raw delivery. But this time there’s something completely different. The aggression is so controlled, the tone game evolved tenfold on this track. If being relatable isn’t the strongest point of the track, then it definitely would be the delivery of his voice. This is Peeps at his finest and most polished.

The production from Sinks creates the emotional tone for the whole track. The sample he flipped is retrospective and creates a reflective feel, which Peeps enhances throughout the track with his lyrics. He not only takes us deep into his thoughts and emotions, he also shares pieces of his soul throughout. This is the description of a man trudging along the path of life, sifting through and dealing with the negatives, in the pursuit of happiness, that seemingly distant but tangible feeling, we all long for. The clip from Leighton Bond Visuals does an incredible job capturing it. Shot in the forest, the balance in the shots shows a creepy, sinister feeling, but also beauty throughout the nature. There is a devilish, horned figure that seems to stalk him throughout the clip, which to me is a metaphorical or symbolic thing, not something chosen just because it was creepy.

Overall the track, clip, production, raps, the whole kit and caboodle seems very well thought out and executed. The beat is one of those that has the perfect balance of all elements you love in a beat. The vocals are so raw, but filled with crisp and emotional tone, the lyrics are dope. So many quotable lines from “168 hours had ya heart skippin a beat” “but we all know a real man ain't fucken talking, pfff what a joke another loss of hope, another mouth shut another coffin closed” “I guess the scene agreed to go to shit, I musta missed the meetin” “so smile, in case it’ll be the last for your lovers”, plus many other ones I could of interchanged those with. The mix & master by Peeps is worth a highly honourable mention here too, sonically dope, crisp, full of colour and tone, not too much here or there.

The whole EP is worth a listen and purchase, One With Me definitely being the standout track of the release, in my opinion, Peeps’ best track to date.

For fans of : Gravity Ponds, Black Teeth Red Gums, Canibus, Onyx, raw hip-hop, reflective, emotional and heavy thoughts type of rap.

Words by Lani Milbus.