Plarks - Memories Of A Burnt World (Digital)

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Plarks - Memories Of A Burnt World



1.One inch ft DJ METAPHOR, Prod by Zetes

2.R.O.M ft DJ METAPHOR, Prod by Professa Kaos

3.Eas my thoughts, Prod by Ash Wednesday

4.The collector, Prod by Ciecmate

5.I am free, Produced by Bigs

6.God theory ft DJ METAPHOR, Produced by Zetes

7. Survive life ft SOLOMON CHILDS, Produced by J Surgeon

8.My vision ft DJ METAPHOR, Produced by JWaters

9.Grudge ft DJ VAME, Produced by Dj Vame

10.Country i come from, Produced by Zetes

11.No retreat no surrender, Produced by Plarks

12.Want you to know ft FAIENCE, Produced by Aye Cee

13.Reaction, Produced by Aye Cee

14.Freedom ft FAIENCE, Produced by J Surgeon


Plarks - Memories Of A Burnt World

Welcome to the apocalypse the day of reckoning is upon us! As we hurdle towards impending oblivion we scramble to pick up the ashes, THE MEMORIES OF A BURNT WORLD! We scream & we scream but no one will save you! A world set a blaze by corruption covert agenda`s of slavery & last but not least genocide this is the BURNT WORLD! Pharmaceutical companies dump infected drugs in impoverished countries as not  to not lose profit & somebody gets a promotion, someone else gets HIV. This is our system(Greek word for sewer) miss education system the laughable shambles that is our political system all teetering on the dawn of extinction as we marvel at our own brilliance. Welcome to the future which won't be the past because no one will be around to adapt the story. Where nothing will be remembered without anyone to reflect on it. They have scoffed their  faces & turned their backs for the last time we are the people & we have spoken! freedom is all of our god given right not for one man alone but all men. In this world of staged beheadings to insight racial prejudice & tension  false flag attacks constant deception & misdirection it seems no one is telling the truth but PLARKS delivers you the truth straight up side your head in the form of that dirty filthy boom bap shit. MEMORIES OF A BURNT WORLD.....

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