Bentman And Sipn - The Return Of Free Download

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Bentman And Sipn - The Return Of Free Download


Released 14 August 2012


Bentman And Sipn - The Return Of Free Download

Bentman began spittin his stoner flows at the turn of the century. After growing up as a teenager on a healthy diet of Big L, Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, Big Pun, D.I.T.C., Terror Squad, DMX, Biggie Smalls and NWA, he deicided to follow his ears and put his mouth into motion. After entering a number of battles in the early years and freestyling at open mic nights, he decided to take it to the next step and begin to record his styles. He got his first taste of stage lights performing in a group known as The Dienasty, along with a couple of veterans of the scene namely JR and Optimistic, with DJ LXD holding it down on the decks. There is a rare unreleased EP from these days. Soon after making a bit of noise locally Optimistic moved interstate and The Dienasty was disbanded. A year passed by and after recording a number of solo tracks with 4tune Entertainment, Bentman hooked up with another local cat known on the scene as Sipn. Together they formed the group aptly named as Bentman & Sipn. This tag team had a chemistry and what followed was two releases with the first being a 6 track EP titled; "The Adventures Of..." and the second was their debut LP titled; "The Return Of..." The latter was launched to a sold out crowd with rave reviews. At the present time, after years of requests Bentman is taking some time off from group projects to collate and present his latest offering; "The High Horse", which will be his debut solo album. So stay tuned for some blazing ballads and stoner symphonies which will be heading your way in the not too distant future.



Intro 00:06
Get Live 03:41
It's Like 03:38
React (feat. The Anonymous) 04:40
Hells Hollow (feat. Phrase) 04:33
Wildstyle 03:27
Payback (feat. Optamus) 03:21
Party 01:44
Suns Goin' Down 03:43
 Roll Tha Dice 02:43
 Nobody Escapes Us (feat. Optimystic) 03:43
 Madness (skit) 00:17
 Closing Time 03:22

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