Celphysh - Lip Service Cd

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Celphysh - Lip Service Cd

Celphysh - Lip Service Cd

Stewart Richards aka CELPHYSH has been an artist & producer within the Melbourne Hip Hop scene stretching over a decade. Coming up as a battle emcee during the Culture Of Kings era earning him the respect of his peers & those who appreciate a raw performance and hyped stage presence. Driven by quality & integrity he chose to bide his time rather than release something half baked. It’s clear he is not punting for mainstream.

Fronting metal bands in the 90’s gives his voice the unique gravel that makes him stand apart from your average Oz emcee. His aggressive and charismatic flow is balanced with hyper intelligent lyricism and down to earth realism. Celphysh is defiantly original.

The debut album “LIP SERVICE” is an aggressively soulful, introspective, self effacing humility. Coupled with an in-depth social commentary & narrated through an uncouth derogative baritone. It’s nothing if not short of honest & true to life.




1. Intro (prod. Celphysh, cuts Pyrex)
 2. Slightly jaded (prod. Pyrex, cuts Dj Rellik)
 3. Same as you (ft. Edwina Clark prod. Pyrex)
 4. Die young (prod & cuts G-Smooth)
 5. Past present future (prod. J-Red)
 6. Evolve (prod. G-Smooth, cuts J-Red)
 7. Legacy (prod. Celphysh, cuts Dj Arson)
 8. True tales (Prod. Pyrex cuts J-Red)
 9. Where I once krept (ft. Edwina Clark prod. Pyrex)

10. Lip Service (ft Bailer, Prod. Son-Zu, cuts J-Red)

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