Dunn D - The Pelican LP Cd

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Dunn D - The Pelican LP Cd

Dunn D - The Pelican LP Cd

To say that Hobart has a hip hop scene active enough to rival the main Australian cities would be a bit of a stretch, but among a
handful of hard working hip hop artists who’ve managed to find a pinch of success, one MC in particular has stood out

Seasoned Tasmanian rapper Dunn D started raising a few eyebrows as an MC in the live funk flavored, hip-hop band ‘Unleash The Nugget’ throughout early 2002. Dunn D has previously performed at music festivals such as The Falls Festival, Big Day Out an Sprung Festival, further going onto to release an EP tiled ‘The Illustrated Guide to Rifles and Submachine Guns’.

Through out the following years Dunn D began taking part in local freestyle battles, as well as performing and recording as part of ‘Heads of State’ alongside Tasmanian hip hop veterans DJ Dameza, DJ Grotesque and Mdusu. The group released a full length album in 2007 titles ‘Making the Best of What We’ve Got’, before eventually disbanding in 2008. From there DunnD began focusing on his solo material, enlisting the help of Launceston hip hop producer Akouo for the production of his debut solo album which was released in early 2012.

Follow the release of his self-entitled LP, Dunn D spent the majority of the year moving crowds around Australia with his energetic, comical, and often in-your-face style. A testament to his passion for live performance, Dunn D has shared stages with the likes of: GZA, Xzibit, Chali 2na, Funkoars, Bliss n Eso, Illy, Koolism, D’Opus & Roshambo, The Herd, Simplex, Muph & Plutonic, K21, Classified, Pegz, Snob Scrilla, Urthboy & Downsyde just to name a few. AS well as remaining active on stage and in the studio, Dunn D is a mainstay in the Australian battle rap scene, having had some classic match-ups against heavyweights such as Kerser, Greeley, Planz, Fluence, Cryptic, Gabi & Lou Lou, Devast8R, Cortex, Lethal and Mike Pipes, thus cementing his status as one of our country's top tier battlers.

‘The Pelican L.P’ is a fresh take on the style Dunn D is renowned for, blending inelegant rhyme schemes, infectious melody’s and banging beats in order to create an album with a sound as unique as its name.


1. Down To Roll
2. Soldier On
3. Where I'm From
4. Neck Up Ya Parrot's (feat: Fluence)
5. La La La La La La
6. Then It Drop (feat: Manaz Ill)
7. Pelican Freez
8. Line In The Sand
9. Walking Backwards
10. WWWK
11. The Hustle
12. Just To Say
13. Game Time (feat: Greeley)
14. Outro

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