Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests Cd

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Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests Cd

The debut full length album by Taylor Made Tactix in Jewel Case CD packaging with a 4 page booklet.

Taylor Made Tactix - Uninvited Guests Cd

Straight out the slimys of Morphett Vale, SA, local hip hop outfit Taylor Made Tactix have gate crashed the party with their long awaited debut album ‘Uninvited Guests’, and as the title suggests the group have arrived unannounced but they are here to stay... and you might just like them. 

Taylor Made Tactix is MCs Mesha, Mnops and Senca who have joined forces with DJ Snair (Social Change, Cross Bred Mongrels, Battlehoggs) to deliver a powerful account of their time spent forging forward in the music scene. Perserverance has been key in delivering an honest contribution to Hip Hop and a gritty documentation of the last five years of their lives.

After building a strong following via the release of their demo and a heap of live shows around Adelaide, the TMT crew have released a rock solid debut effort that has all the bases covered from hookless singles (Hometown) and raw battle tracks (Crazy Thoughts) to chilled out tunes that would suit your sunday sessions (This Is Living feat Joy Sparks). ‘Uninvited Guests’ is a reflection of Taylor Made Tactix both individually and collectively and it speaks of the journey underground artists go thru to have their music heard - that to get anywhere sometimes you’ve gotta show up uninvited and make your presence known.

The album itself is handled entirely by Taylor Made Tactix with Mesha producing all but two tracks of which DJ Snair holds down the production. Snair also slices it up on the turntables all over the project as one would expect and Funkwig (Social Change / F&d) adds his signature basslines. The result is a raw yet well crafted soundscape that serves as the perfect backdrop for the three talented wordsmiths to deliver rich content with technical precision.

‘Uninvited Guests’ is a diverse kick kick snare interpretation of life from the perspectives of 3 MCs and 1 DJ, and with mixing by K21 and mastering by Neville Clark it is also sonically on point. If you enjoy sample based, deep Hip Hop, you’re all invited as Uninvited Guests.


1. Uninvited Guests
2. TMTizm
3. Drunk On Stage
4. Turn It Up
5. This Is Living
6. Red Pill
7. Take It Or Leave It
8. Wisen Up
9. Tomorrows Eyes
10. Up and Up
11. Crazy Thoughts
12. Hometown

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