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Fundamental Elements - The Homecoming


Fundamental Elements - The Homecoming

This latest effort contains production from Vegas Aces’ Cam Bluff, Species and Pleura and track cuts from special guest, Johnny Love. The first track, EP- titled ‘THE HOMECOMING’ finds F.E. loading one into the chamber, opening behind some tight brass instrumentals and boom bap beats provided by Cam Bluff as MCs, Species and Pleura let it be known where they’re at as artists on every bar.

‘INDEPENDENCE’ finds the duo describing their hustle as not unlike most of hip-hop’s fans in an independent world. The EP’s second single spins off an old platter, with rolling hooks and classic rap samples throughout, painting a dusty soundscape as the boys take hip-hop fans on a nostalgic trip back to hip-hop’s golden era. This track truly stands alone with real replay value.

Proving real maturity and dexterity to their game, both MCs show their skills on deck to producing three of the tracks from The Homecoming. Here they delve into topics of global awareness, identifying issues and debating the big questions on ‘PROBLEMS’ which harbours the female touch of Emma Dyson serenading throughout this smooth keyed track.

The last track found in the MCs’ scope is ‘MIDNIGHT SILENCE’ which creeps in, looping the piano to roll out into this long and building ballad to close out the EP. Species and Pleura bring home both the theme of the project and provoking theories that they’ve broached, while samples of legendary duo Gangstarr beautifully caps off each verse providing lasting afterthought in a polished effort by this Bris City outfit.

The Homecoming shows the seasoned MCs back at doing what comes naturally to them; lyrically firing off rounds of rhyme to hold listeners hostage to their honest and humble approach to politics, hip-hop culture and life itself.

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