Broken Aesthetiks - Broke Cd

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Broken Aesthetiks - Broke Cd

Broken Aesthetiks - Broke Cd


A lot of lyricists today like to hide behind mask or a persona. Perhaps this is because they have come up with an engaging alter ego. Perhaps they do not have a lot of life experience, confidence, or charisma personally. Or maybe they simply just aren't that interesting a person. Whatever the reason, Angus Younga is going against this grain.

 The second signing to the emerging Grhyme Production's roster are Melbourne duo Broken Aesthetiks. Well known amongst underground circles for their regular gigging in metro and rural Victoria, MC Angus Younga (aka FatGut) and DJ Elev8 have completed their debut full length release entitled 'Broke'.

 An intruiging mix of tales of personal strife and achievement, lows and highs, struggles and triumphs interwoven amongst punchline-laden mayhem, the duo has constructed an immersive atmosphere on 'Broke'. Complimenting FatGut on the mic is DJ Elev8, whose beat juggling skills left him 3rd in the Victorian DMCs. Loops, samples and vocals are twisted, manipulated and cut to shreds without mercy throughout the entire album.

 B.A brings a host of accomplices to the party with appearances by some of the Melbourne undergrounds' biggest talent including Sinergy Crew, Associated Illness, Didji, Def, DJ Bogues and J Waters amongst many others. MysTorri also lends her vocals across two tracks. Production on the album comes from a host of producers including Angus himself, Young B, Royalz (Sinergy Crew), Simple Simon, Dems and Tusker.

 Whether you're into storytelling, exorcising demons, punchlines and metaphors or straight up wiling out, there is something here for everybody.



  1. An Introduction To...    
  2. Fact and Fiction    
  3. And It Goes...    
  4. Strike Her Eyes    
  5. Battle Cry ft Esvee    
  6. Flyer Than Jeff Goldblum    
  7. Institution ft Didji    
  8. Be Alright ft MysTorri    
  9. Bolo    
  10. Feel It ft Sinergy Crew, Matty Mess, Tommy Gunnz, Ascertain & DJ Bogues    
  11. Inner Decay ft MysTorri    
  12. Feeling Lost    
  13. Shit Talkers ft Sinergy Crew    
  14. Business Class ft Sinergy Crew, Sins 1, Def, J Waters & JP     
  15. Watching The Wind
  16. Broke
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